E·VOK Essential Oil Blends

  • E·VŌK Essential Oil Blends are expertly crafted with Mother Earth’s exquisite elements to embody and enhance the benefits of each represented Y.E.S. category. In our proprietary processes, E·VŌK relies on extraction at the perfect moment to assure our mindful measures result in uncompromising potency.
  • Scent is a link between your environment and your emotions, with 75% of emotions being generated by what we smell. Let the appealing aromas of E·VŌK Essential Oil Blends transport you to a retreat all your own, a transformation of your spirit and your state of mind.

5 bottles//E·VŌK Balance-E·VŌK Clarity-E·VŌK Defend-E·VŌK Energize-E·VŌK Enhance